About Us



Making medical spaces personal

Base Medical / RORK Projects are leaders in the field of medical practice design and build with an intimate understanding of the importance of creating a quality environment that attracts and retains patients, while ensuring durability and functionality.

Base Architecture and RORK Projects are award winning firms that have joined forces to build on existing expertise in the specialized medical sector. This specialist team has been forged by highly skilled and qualified architects and builders centered on respect and work quality. Through this collaboration we are able to offer combined experience in medical practice design and build, with an end-to-end service that ensures quality in design and construction within any given space and budget.

With an increasing emphasis on creating ‘environments’ to satisfy patient care and provide a marketing edge today considered as important as maximizing space for specialized equipment and procedures and, of course, functionality, our team appreciates that:

  • Creating an experience plays hand-in-hand with patient retention and referrals
  • Often equipment is central to a design direction and requires a good understanding of operations and technical capacity.
  • Good design and a quality build supports an efficient, functional and desirable workspace.
  • Good design and an efficient build and refit can be achieved within any given budget.

After years of experience in the sector, we have developed a good understanding of the specialized requirements unique to medical environments, and provide a balanced approach to design outcomes that ‘tell the story’ through design and space. We take a considered approach to each of our projects and deliver unique and memorable patient experiences and desirable working environments.


Our Values

There is no project we can’t explore, and no challenge we can’t tackle. At Base Medical / RORK Projects, we instill our values into every job we take on. Our values include:

  • We are committed to environmentally sustainable designs which in turn becomes an intrinsic part of our thinking
  • We are conscious of client budgets and time frames, ensuring we deliver every time
  • We are results driven
  • We employ staff that demonstrate a high level of industry knowledge, excellence and professionalism
  • We strive to build long term relationships with our clients
  • We use like-minded suppliers, contractors and builders that strive for excellence
  • We ensure we listen to our clients’ needs and communicate in an effective and timely manner


We promise to get back to you as soon as we can