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    + Feasibility

    Site ASSESSMENT + Feasibility
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    Design Development +
    Construction Planning

    Design Development + Construction Planning
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    Design Coordination
    + Documentation

    Design Coordination + Documentation
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    Construction Management
    + Completition

    Construction Management + Completition

Site ASSESSMENT + Feasibility

Unlike any other architectural and building company, we provide a free professional on-site assessment of a property before a lease is signed or purchased. We are big on delivering results – that’s why we’ll lend a hand and work with you to find the right space for your needs. We also offer the service of producing preliminary planning sketches to assist in the feasibility study.



In the pre-design phase, we listen carefully to you to obtain your brief. We arrange, attend and record meetings, make inquiries about the site conditions, constraints, any regulatory requirements, and review the project budget. At this stage we will visit site for a complete measure up and to understand the potentials and constraints of the site that will assist with budget control.


Design Development + Construction Planning

Once the brief is fully understood and scoped, we will proceed by preparing a preliminary design. You will be provided with sketches and diagrams to adequately explain the concept. These drawings will be relatively simple and there may be some optional schemes to discuss and confirm. The general planning and style of building will be fixed.


Design Coordination + Documentation

After approval of the preliminary design, we will develop the design in more detail, including structural engineering input from within our team. We will coordinate the work of sub-consultants such as hydraulics engineers, building certifiers, and specialist technicians – as required by your specialty such as: physicists or acoustics engineers. We will prepare and submit drawings to a certifier to obtain a building approval, and obtain final drawings and certificates of sub-consultants as part of the building approval package. The developed drawings will include the detailed plans, elevations, sections, internal cabinetry, and wet areas detail, and the estimate of cost will be further refined. We will work particularly closely with you at this stage to allow for easy approvals as work is completed.


Construction Management + Completition

Our building team will take care of you at this stage, with the coordination and support of the design team, to ensure all details are attended to in an efficient and timely manner. This is supported by full time site supervisors, carpenters, and an estimator, ensuring consistent quality control and completion of the project in a timely manner.


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