Cosmetic clinic fit outs Brisbane patients love

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Cosmetic clinic fit outs Brisbane patients love

Our cosmetic clinic architect goes to great lengths to ensure their cosmetic surgery and treatment designs have the appearance of being more like luxury health spas. This helps to ease any anxieties about being at the clinic, making the experience much more positive from the outset. We believe the first patient response to our cosmetic clinic fit outs should be a sense of feeling welcome, followed by a desire to sit down and relax.

Choosing colours for cosmetic clinic design

Medical architecture for treatments like liposuction, face-lifts, laser hair removal and tummy tucks should create a pleasant, welcoming ambience. The team here at Base Medical believe that technology does not have to be threatening, and that medical fit outs for day care treatment rooms do not have to be cold and daunting. It’s why we take care to select warm colour palettes to fit the mood perfectly.

Creating the right ambience for cosmetic clinic fit outs

Our cosmetic clinic architect believes the calming atmosphere should start outside the entrance.  While Base Medical may be unable to uplift the entire outside façade, we have been remarkably successful with custom-made entrance portals that lead naturally to calming cosmetic clinic designs.  If the person on the reception desk conveys the same message the medical architecture gave, the client is soon on their way to a relaxed state of mind, trusting in the professionalism of the entire cosmetic clinic.

When designing cosmetic clinic fit outs it is essential to encourage a sense of being the only person in the space. Our medical architect often achieves this by setting the waiting area to one side of the reception counter, so that cosmetic specialists and their patients can come and go without walking through a reception lounge filled with people. Our medical fit outs aim to set a relaxing atmosphere throughout the facility, because we believe this is conducive to healing.

Find out more about cosmetic clinic design?

Speak to Base Medical to discuss all your medical fit out requirements. We don’t charge time for exploratory discussions, and will happily meet you on site anywhere in Brisbane. Send an email or web enquiry, call +61 7 3352 5899 or visit our Brisbane office in person. We would love to lend our expertise to your cosmetic clinic fit out project.


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