Dedicated General Practice Fit Outs

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Dedicated General Practice Fit Outs

Most medical fit outs for general practitioners follow a similar design, usually including an entrance lobby, waiting area and reception point, or a more open plan administration office. Then we find offices for doctors and nurses, treatment rooms and a small kitchenette with toilet facilities. This is what is known as a general practice design. In Brisbane, we find our medical architecture differs in key areas from that of other major Australian cities. Our general practice fit outs often have a much more relaxed and open feel, in keeping with the climate and lifestyle. This ambience is what Base Architecture capture in our general practice designs.

The Base Medical approach to general practice design

At Base Medical we like to adopt a particular style across our individual general practice fit outs. We like to keep things simple. Excessive décor and features in particular areas leave other areas looking sparse – our designs create a feeling of equivalence across the practice, as well as the beneficial effect of a patients seeing that funds aren’t being misspent on grand architectural vanity projects.

The key reason Base Medical is so highly regarded for medical fit outs in Brisbane is because we never lose sight of the priority in the medical sector. Medical architecture must centre on the needs of the patient, and not the needs of the client. From ensuring open plan space to create a bright and airy atmosphere, down to the provision of dedicated play areas to help children overcome their fears, all our design decisions address the real-world concerns of those who will be using the space for the years to come.

General practice fit outs and work flows

When working on medical fit outs, we will also address the needs of those medical practitioners who will spend much of their time providing effective care in the space. As dedicated medical architects in Brisbane and the surrounding area, we’ll work closely with you and your team to identify barriers to the delivery of exceptional healthcare, and we’ll use our general practice design expertise to find solutions to these problems.

One of the key ways we achieve this is by creating clearly defined working zones through effective use of space, marking distinct waiting areas, reception points and facilities for medical professionals to streamline work flow through the practice and create a smoother experience for patients and professionals alike.

We understand and appreciate that general practice fit outs need to cater for everyone, and that few projects will need to appeal to such an inclusive cross-section of the public. Balancing the needs of medical practitioners with young and old, able and infirm, is what makes Base Medical the leading choice for medical fit outs in Brisbane and the surrounding area.


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