Medical centre fit outs for the health profession

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Medical centre fit outs for the health profession

Medical architecture comprises three specialist areas, namely patient waiting space, treatment areas and interface points between them. There may also be needs for storage and specialist equipment space. These are usually adjacent to treatment areas, and we think of them as one. We dedicate a specialised medical centre architect to each project. This ensures effective communication with clients requiring medical centre fit outs to high standards.

How does Brisbane medical design differ?

Working in Brisbane, there is a definite need to provide for adequate cooling for our typically hot and humid climate. There are common elements in medical design. Brisbane needs medical offices and clinics that provide for outpatient encounter, flow and focus just as in any modern city.

It is important to address the flow of patients, information, personnel, medical materials and other supplies to avoid frustration and confusion. The medical architect assigned to your project will take the time to discuss these flows with you in detail.

Creating peaceful working spaces

Medical literature suggests specialist-patient interchanges work best when both parties are relaxed and open to suggestions. Accordingly, the consulting spaces our medical architecture team provides are peaceful havens – far removed from the busy atmosphere of kitchens, corridors and noisy meeting spaces.

Our patient waiting areas provide opportunities to relax and read a magazine. Our medical architect and interior design team take special care to use calming colours and decorative images.

How our medical centre fit outs team can help you

We have a team of medical centre architects, structural engineers and builders with experience in a variety of projects of all scales. We have the expertise and the experience to assist in the process from the earliest stages – from the selection of the site all the way through to completion and hand over.

Our in-house medical architect will look after the design and construction of your project, from the external building elements down to every drawer in your staff kitchen. Whether we are talking the internal fit-out of a pre-existing building or a purpose-built new structure which fits the exact needs of you and your team, we will be with you every step of the way.

Discuss your medical centre fit out project today

Contact our team of multi-award winning Brisbane architects today on +61 7 3352 5899, or alternatively, you can detail your thoughts and ideas on an email and send it over. From here, we’ll set up a meeting with your team and our medical centre architects and interior designers to talk through your plans, advising you professionally on how we can help bring them to life.

We look forward to assisting with the design of your medical centre fit outs, and introducing you to your new facility.


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