Trends in hospital training room fit outs

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Trends in hospital training room fit outs

Hospital training room fit outs have become increasingly essential, owing to growing obesity in the nation, and the risk of injuries that hospital ward staff face when handling overweight patients. Modern hospital training room design reflects growing health industry acceptance of two important considerations. These are the effectiveness of simulation as an educational tool, and proof that refresher courses sustain lessons learned earlier.

Hospital training room fit outs for incapacitated patients

Our hospital training room architect has made a study of the latest patient handling equipment. This includes patient transfer systems and overhead lifts that are a feature of modern senior frail care, and rehabilitation centres. Lifting heavy patients exposes them and hospital care staff to risk of injury. We have installed numerous hospital training room fitouts Brisbane nursing supervisors praise highly.

The need for better hospital training room design

Hospital training room fit outs that date back a decade or more may be under spec in terms of a growing need to keep hospital carers at work. Brisbane’s nurses are a precious commodity. We need to be diligent about the risks they face, and do everything we can to create a zero-injury, safe working environment. A separate facility erected by a competent hospital training room builder allows ongoing training without either patient disruption, or their risk of injury.

Patient handling injuries now a real concern

As far back as 2009, Safe Work Australia reported on manual patient handling risks associated with overweight patients. In a related 2013 study, Stanford Hospital’s vice president of patient care and chief nursing officer found that, “It is currently more dangerous to work as a nurse in a hospital than it is to work on a construction site.”

Revisiting dated hospital training room designs

The Stanford hospital vice president went on to say, “With the forecasted nursing shortage, we need to take care of our care providers in every way we can.” The risks of hurting patients and the costs of hiring and training nurses make this a necessity for every modern hospital.

How our hospital training room architect can assist

Our hospital training room architect is up to speed with latest trends in hospital training room fitouts, incorporating the full range of advanced patient handling equipment.

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